BLACKPINK Jennie’s Ankle Was Still Healing During “Lovesick Girls” … BLINKs Are Worried

It’s a hard injury to heal.

BLACKPINK Jennie‘s ankle has always been worrying fans and the other members alike. Known for her weaker constitution and health since pre-debut, Jennie’s strength has become the utmost priority for her. It was even previously revealed that she goes to pilates almost daily in order to raise her stamina and condition.

Her ankle has been bothering her for years – even during the day of their debut stage, Jennie’s ankle was acting up. She had gotten painkillers administered before taking the stage. During their world tour, her weak ankle also caused her to slip on the stairs.

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As ankle injuries rarely heal completely, Jennie has been plagued by her poor ankle throughout various promotions. Even during “How You Like That”, she was seen with an ankle guard during their dance video.

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However, fans were alarmed when they noticed she had it on even for the most recent comeback with “Lovesick Girls”. Although carefully hidden with calf-length boots, the bandage is unmistakable.

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Fans have been worried for their precious Jendeukie’s health.

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  • “My ankle folds over easily too so I know but once you experience it once, that part will keep folding over. You have to walk extremely consciously and carefully.”
  • “Your wrist, waist and ankles are all parts that become a longterm injury if you hurt it once. When I saw her slip on her ankle, I was all scared for her…”
  • “Jennie, don’t be hurt”

As BLACKPINK has now concluded their promotions, fans hope she is able to get the rest that she deserves. Get well soon Jennie!

Source: Pann