BLACKPINK’s Jennie Once Struggled Because Of Her Uncomfortable Shorts And Here’s What She Had To Say About Them

Her reaction was hilarious.

BLACKPINK is known for their impeccable fashion sense, but sometimes that can come at a price. Pain is beauty and apparently the most fashionable pieces can sometimes be uncomfortable too.

At an awards show, Jennie was dressed in a stunning sequinned one shoulder top and short shorts. However, it seems like the bottoms were a little too short to be worn with ease.

| theqoo

Jennie can be seen visibly worried about her outfit as she squirms in her seat. When she gets up to adjust the outfit, the other members look at her with concern in their eyes.

Later on after she had sat back down, she can be seen mouthing the following words to Rosé, causing Rosé the burst out in laughter.

It’s practically underwear. Underwear!

— Jennie

While many fans were swooning at how adorable she was pouting about the outfit, many also expressed concern for the extreme clothing that female idols often have to wear. This was not the only wardrobe malfunction on that particular day.

Rosé’s sequinned crop top also came undone at the back, nearly falling off her thin frame. She handled it like an absolute pro though.

As idols often have to dance to strenuous choreography, having clothing malfunction is a common occurrence. However, as tight and short clothing may make it uncomfortable for the artist to do their job on stage, fans have been calling for change where necessary.

Source: theqoo and Featured Image


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