Somi Hilariously Disses Her Ex-Boyfriend From Middle School While Sharing Their Breakup Story

She’s still a little salty about it all.

The charming Somi recently made a guest star appearance on the YouTube channel “Hwang Tae and Yang Miri” where she dished on her past dating life!

During the fun episode, one of the show’s MC Yang Se Chan mentioned dating and relationships and was curious if the young star has had any memorable relationships in the past.

Although most celebrities keep their dating life private, Somi shared a cute romance she had in middle school with a guy who “Looked like Kim Woo Bin.”

I have only ever dated on guy, and it was back in middle school. He was part of the school’s soccer team and he looked like Kim Woo Bin. He used to put on hair wax on his hair all the time.

— Somi

Like the energetic person she is, Somi hilariously exposed the name of her soccer player ex-boyfriend! Shocked, Yang Se Chan replied, “Did you reveal his name all the sudden?”

Despite shocking everyone in the room with her boldness, Somi continued to say her ex-boyfriend’s name. Luckily, Yang Se Chan shared that he would bleep out his name.

Somi later revealed that her young romance sadly ended badly once they broke up. Evidently, Somi is still quite upset about the sour breakup as she even cursed him out.

I was in a relationship with him for about two weeks, and then he broke up with me. Right after we ended our relationship, he started dating my friend. That bas***d!

— Somi


Check out the video below: