With Her Debut Fast Approaching, Jeon Somi Was Spotted Looking Absolutely Radiant at a Recent Event

If you thought she couldn’t get any prettier, these photos might suggest otherwise.

A month ago, Jeon Somi announced that she would debut by March and stirred up excitement in all of her fans waiting to see her shine.

It was recently reported that Jeon Somi is set to debut on May 1 instead, and in the midst of the anticipation, Jeon Somi was recently spotted at a grand opening ceremony of ABC Mart in Myeongdong looking absolutely radiant.

As a model for the shoe brand NUOVO, Jeon Somi attended the event and took the opportunity to spend some quality with her many fans.

On this day, Jeon Somi was seen wearing a white blouse and jeans with a natural brown hairstyle.

The way she swept her hair to the side made her pale skin, big eyes, and plump lips stand out even more.

It even seems like she lost some weight because her jawline appears to be more distinct than before.

With Jeon Somi looking more radiant than ever, it’s hard not to look forward to her upcoming solo debut with YG‘s The Black Label.

Check out more shots of Jeon Somi’s radiant beauty below:


Source: Insight