Jeon Somi Chose A Unique Tattoo Location, But It Came With A Downside

She opens up about the tattoo she had.

Jeon Somi recently released behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of her recent music video, “Gold Gold Gold.”

In the video, she took fans through her filming preparations and explained some of the extravagant and flashy props used throughout the music video.

Jeon Somi in her “Gold Gold Gold” music video | @somsomi0309/Instagram

The talented soloist underwent multiple style changes for the music video, including adding fake piercings and tattoos and wearing black and orange wigs, the latter of which had been her dream style for two years.

The camera crew captured Jeon Somi in the process of receiving her tattoos, which were drawn on her by tattoo artist Abiru Naganobu.

Somi joked that the “pain wasn’t too bad” as the artist used a marker to apply the body art. While patiently sitting through the “painless tattoo” session, Somi revealed to fans that she used to have a small and very real tattoo.

I’ll say it now that I don’t have it anymore. I used to have a pink [tattoo] on my toe. A smile tattoo!

— Jeon Somi

Tattoos placed on feet fade more often than in other locations due to their frequent exposure to friction from socks and shoes.

Jeon Somi explained that her tattoo was placed on the bottom of her foot and has since faded, showing the downside to the unique tattoo location.

Jeon Somi is no stranger to rocking temporary tattoos, including a matching set with her close friend HyunA.

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