Jeon Somi’s “XOXO” Music Video Was Difficult To Film—But She Was A Complete Professional About It

She left the staff in awe!

Jeon Somi impressed with her music video for her latest comeback “XOXO.” It didn’t just have an engaging storyline and topnotch acting, it also had a high-budget set to complement it!

Jeon Somi | @THEBLACKLABEL/YouTube

Recently, Pony, her makeup artist, reacted to the video and shared some behind the scenes stories that she personally witnessed on-site.

One such story was about how difficult it was to film. For one of the scenes that day, it was so hot that the back of their necks were getting burnt.

In the case of these midday scenes, I’m sure viewers may think it was taken during the day—and yes, but we filmed this under the scorching sun, to the point where the staff’s necks were burnt!

— Pony

When they monitored Somi’s performance in the sidelines, they had no choice but to squint and shield their eyes with their hands.

It was so bright that we couldn’t open our eyes or see too well. Everyone was monitoring like this.

— Pony

In spite of the blinding sun, Somi herself managed to keep her eyes completely open. Pony expressed awe at Somi for it and praised her for her professionalism.

I don’t know how she managed to keep her eyes fully opened and lip sync so well under the sun. Somi was such a professional.

— Pony

Considering Somi’s years of experience in the K-Pop industry, it’s no wonder she’s so good at what she does! Read about how Somi’s dad ended up being cast in the “XOXO” music video here:

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Source: YouTube