Jessi Can’t Help But Fangirl Over Kang Daniel’s Several Charming Points

“Kang Daniel is really dazzling.”

On the latest Showterview With Jessi, Jessi had the lovely Kang Daniel as her star guest! 

With several charms and his delightful smile, Jessi had quite a hard time controlling her excitement over Kang Daniel’s many great qualities. During one segment of the show, Jessi took a smaller hand-held camera to show off Kang Daniel’s various charming points at an up-close angel for the viewers.

Jessi first started off with Kang Daniel’s bright eyes and commented on how long his eyelashes are! She also mentioned how it would be hard for anyone not to fall in love with his eyes.

First off, starting with his eyes! You have long and small eyes. Who wouldn’t fall in love with these eyes, look! Those eyes.

— Jessi

The next attractive feature Jessi pointed out was Kang Daniel’s nose. Hilariously, Jessi pointed out how he didn’t have any work done and that everything is naturally charming.

And nose! He didn’t do a nose job! His natural-born puppish nose.

— Jessi

Jessi then moved onto Kang Daniel’s ear which she pointed out that they were quite big compared to hers.

You have big ears! Mine are small.

— Jessi

Jessi, Of course, could not ignore Kang Daniel’s glowing complexion and complimented how smooth it is! Who can argue with that statement!

You’re skin is very f***ing smooth. Silky smooth. You’re baby skin okay?

— Jessi


Jessi continued and stated that when she watched Kang Daniel during his time as a member of Wanna One, she felt he was always shining!

What I felt while I was watching Kang Daniel in Wanna One was that Kang Daniel is really dazzling.

— Jessi

Jessi questioned Kang Daniel if he’s ever gotten any work done which he confirmed that all of his beautiful features are natural. Kang Daniel revealed that the secret behind his visuals is “Meridan Facial Massage.

The key is Meridian Facial Massage. My mom was a Meridian massage therapist. So whenever she got a new product she tested it on me.

— Kang Daniel

Jessi then moved on to Kang Daniel’s neck and pointed out his Adam’s apple and low-pitched voice.

He’s got a very low-pitched voice and that makes the girls like him.

— Jessi

Moving past his voice, Jessi noticed how pretty Kang Daniel’s hands are! While on the topic of his hands, Kang Daniel admitted he has a habit of biting his nails. In response, Jessi advised him to stop as it’s “Bad luck.

You’re hands are so pretty. White and beautiful hands.

— Jessi


Last but not least, Jessi showed off Kang Daniel’s fluffy soft pink hair to the viewers!

And you have silky hair! And it’s kinda pink!

— Jessi

With all the amazing charms Kang Daniel has, Jessi revealed she loves Kang Daniel’s Busan accent the most! Jessi shared that she wished he would speak in his accent more often.

Hey, I wish Kang Daniel speak would speak with a Busan accent. I found it more attractive!

— Jessi

Check out the video below:

Kang Daniel