Jessi Explains The Real And Explicit Meaning Behind Iconic “Zoom” Lyrics

Did you know the real meaning?

Jessi recently completed her 2022 Beyond Your Imagination Europe Tour where she performed for fans in 5 different cities across the continent. For many, this was their first time being able to see the singer in their hometown!

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

During her concert in Berlin, in particular, Jessi had plenty of iconic moments. From offering sweet tidbits of advice to some of her Jebbies (Jessi fans) …


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…to getting up close and personal with fans to give them a once-in-a-lifetime moment, she made sure everyone had a great time!

Fans seemed to really enjoy one moment in particular during the show!

During one of her breaks between songs, Jessi began to talk about her song “Zoom”. She first explained that she initially did not want to drop the song because it was “too pop-y.

I don’t want to drop the song because it’s too f*cking pop-y, you know what I mean.

She then began to sing the lyrics of the song’s iconic pre-chorus, before pausing to explain that the actual meaning behind the first line was actually originally a bit explicit!

‘I see you looking at my P-‘ and the ‘P-I-C’ was supposed to be p*ssy! So those of you know, know, you know what I’m saying? So I was like P…I…C.


Jessi slowed down the lyrics to sound a bit closer to what she originally meant and give a sneaky double entendre. It seemed like not everyone missed the real meaning behind the song, however.

So I was watching the reaction videos, and the ones who knew, like they were like ‘she knows what she was doing there.’

It’s just like Jessi to slip in something sneaky like this even though she wasn’t able to say what she actually meant! You can check out the full clip of her talking about it below!

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