Jessi Praises BTS During Her Concert And Names The Member She Connects With Most

When she discovered it was Jimin’s birthday, she thoughtfully took time during her show to praise the group.

Jessi is currently on her Beyond Your Imagination European world tour, visiting Jebbies (Jessi’s fans) in five cities across Europe.

Jessi performing on her “Beyond Your Imagination” tour in London | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Jessi has been open and honest with fans throughout the tour, sharing the challenges she’s been through and her mistreatment by her European tour organizer.

She continues to use her platform to be a raw and authentic artist, refreshingly speaking her mind and standing by her beliefs. This includes calling out people who have wronged her and shouting out those who she respects.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

One of the fellow K-Pop artists she has frequently praised is the supergroup BTS. In July, Jessi attended BTS J-Hope‘s listening party for his solo debut album Jack in the Box, where she spent time chatting with the BTS members, especially Jimin and RM.

Jessi shared in a previous Instagram Live that she had spent almost 40 minutes talking to Jimin about life at the Jack in the Box listening party, saying she vibed with him the most.

BTS’s Jimin (left) with Jessi (right) at J-Hope’s “Jack in the Box” listening party | @jessicah_o/Instagram

She also acknowledged BTS RM’s incredible leadership in the same Instagram Live.

Shout out to RM, he is the best leader. He makes sure that all of them are good… you know?

— Jessi

At her recent concert in Paris, an audience member reportedly told Jessi it was BTS Jimin’s birthday. Even though it was her concert, Jessi showed her class and kind personality by taking time to acknowledge the comment, sharing that Jimin is “a really nice guy” while the crowd cheered. 

She continued to say that she knew all of the members when they were younger, as they had filmed an SK Telecom commercial together in 2016.

BTS with Jessi in 2016

Now that they’re older and they were able to meet again at J-Hope’s party, Jessi said she especially connected with BTS’s leader RM, explaining that he is very mature, making it easier for her to talk to him.

She said because of this, she had a long conversation with him at the party and again praised his leadership abilities.

Jessi and BTS’s RM on an episode of “Hello Counselor” in 2015 | @bangtan_confess/Twitter

Check out the full clip of Jessi speaking about BTS at her concert below!

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