Jessi’s Unexpected Secret To Being Sexy

“Everyone has a different opinion, but I don’t agree.”

Jessi had told her staff she always wanted to meet MC and actor Jonathan Thona, and she recently got her wish when she made her debut appearance on his popular variety talk show, The K-Star Next Door.

Jessi (left) and Jonathan Thona (right) | @kstarsnextdoor/Twitter

Jessi and Jonathan’s outgoing personalities created effortless onscreen chemistry, as Jessi candidly answered the host’s “challenging questions.”

Like each guest on The K-Star Next Door, Jonathan had Jessi participate in the “K-Profile” segment of the show and presented her with trending keywords and phrases for her to clarify or further explain.

One of the keywords was “sexy,” and Jonathan asked if Jessi admits she’s sexy, and the veteran soloist replied, “Everyone has a different opinion, but I don’t agree.

As she answered, Jonathan hilariously presented Jessi with a collage of photos from her personal Instagram account, many of which are sexy.

Jessi explained that she can’t “always be sexy;” instead, she stated her mind is sexy, which naturally gives her confidence.

When Jonathan jokingly drew her attention back to the Instagram photos, she admitted that they were “really sexy.” Still, she declared that “sexy doesn’t mean wearing sexy clothes,” again emphasizing confidence and feeling good about oneself.

During the episode, Jessi addressed how Korean media reports on her and named one complaint that she had.

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