Jessica Jung Once Left Taeyeon A Heartbreaking Message

Her heartfelt message may bring tears to your eyes.

Fans were heartbroken when it was announced that Jessica would be departing from Girls’ Generation, none more so than her fellow members. Taeyeon, in particular, had hinted at how hard it was for them after her departure.


Despite this, some people still misunderstood their relationship but Taeyeon and Jessica had a unique sisterly bond. In fact, they often showed their sisterly affection for each other. On one such occasion, Jessica left a message to Taeyeon that will break your heart all over again.


In 2011, the group released their Paradise in Phuket photobook. Each girl wrote a special message to her fellow members and to SONEs. Jessica wrote a message to each member but her message to Taeyeon was especially sweet.


She started off with her worry over Taeyeon’s headaches.

Taeyeon-ah! You say you have headaches every day and it worries me that you may have migraines. Is it from stress or something else?

— Jessica


Then she shows even more concern for Taeyeon and tells her she hopes she will get better.

Eat more foods that are good for health. I don’t know the pain that you’re feeling but I hope that your head won’t ache anymore.

— Jessica


And if you aren’t already crying over her words, the final message will surely bring tears to your eyes!

When I see you hurt, I feel your pain too. The most important thing is that our Taeyeon is healthy forever. We love you!

— Jessica


Although she may not have said those words directly to Taeyeon, the message was spoken directly from the heart and every single person who read those words must have felt the sweet and caring relationship between the two.

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