Jessica Jung Reveals Her Honest Feelings About Having Krystal In Her Life

In a sudden outburst, Jessica revealed her honest feelings for her sister Krystal.

The bond between Jessica and Krystal Jung is unbreakable.

In the past, when Krystal wasn’t working yet, Jessica worked hard in order to help her family and provide for the bills.

She also felt extremely overjoyed when Krystal debuted, too, because it meant that they could work together.

Now that Jessica is an individual entity separate from any company other than her own, she’s also happy since she can feature her younger sister in her vlogs.

During their ice skating trip, the sisters ended up in the Jacuzzi pool to take comfort from the cold.

She recalled a similar time when she was in the Jacuzzi and she video-chatted with her sister to bond with her.

Perhaps Jessica was too happy during their bonding moment, that she finally blurted out her honest feelings about having Krystal in her life.

I’m so lucky to have you!

– Jessica to Krystal

Jessica was delighted to find out Krystal’s response which was a shy nodding motion, as seen on the camera.

Of course, even though the Jung sisters naturally love each other, it’s also a given that they’d be playfully teasing each other several times, too!

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