Jessica And Krystal’s Love For Food Is So Great It’s The #1 Thing They Have In Common

According to Jessica, food is the no.1 thing the Jung sisters have in common:

The Jung sisters always prove themselves to be serious sister goals. From sending each other food trucks to having hilarious Instagram interactions, you’ve got to love Krystal and Jessica! And speaking of food trucks, Jessica and Krystal are such big foodies that, according to Jessica, it’s the no. 1 thing they have in common!

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In a recent keyword interview with W Korea, Jessica was asked whether or not she was athletic. While Jessica revealed that she’s not the most athletic person around…

I have never been good at anything athletic. I was really bad but I’m trying to get better. I’ve been doing pilates and getting personal training too. I am trying hard to do exercise. I am not very good at things demanding long term efforts. I can do better at short term stuff.

— Jessica


Her family is! Her father, mother, and sister are all very athletic. Krystal’s athletic ability, as Jessica pointed out, was completely opposite to her own!

Yes, they used to be. Gymnastics. Boxing as well. My sister is athletic as well. Totally opposite of me.

— Jessica


Since they were on the topic of sisterly differences, Jessica was asked what was the biggest difference she shared with Krystal. And, well, according to Jessica there are too many differences to count!

There are so many differences. Taste in music or fashion.

— Jessica


So what’s the no. 1 thing they share in common? Food! Jessica revealed that she and Krystal love food. They love eating delicious food and get in some quality sister bonding time searching for good restaurants and grabbing a bite to eat. In fact, their love for food is so great it takes up about 80% of all their conversations!

We both love eating and searching for good restaurants. It takes 80% of our conversations.

— Jessica


Love for food and love for each other, the Jung sisters truly are the cutest sister pair around! Check out more of Jessica’s keyword interview below: