Jessica’s Fans Bought Her This Incredible Birthday Gift In Times Square, New York

Jessica‘s 28th birthday will surely be one that she will never forget, due to her official fan club’s efforts.

On April 18, will be Jessica celebrating her 28th birthday, and fans have come together to make it extra special. Members of her official fan club, Golden Starscreated a special video and paid to have it played on the billboards across New York’s Times Square.

These clips will be playing on the billboards between April 15-21 and were taken from her BLANC & ECLARE Advertorial and the MVs for her solo singles Fly and Wonderland. These clips will be playing every 18 minutes on 11 enormous LED Screens.

We can only imagine how much this must have cost, given the astronomical cost of advertising in one of the most coveted ad spaces in the world. Monthly ad space on the digital billboard in the video below, for instance, is estimated at between $200 000 USD to $350 000 USD.

Check out this clip of Jessica’s birthday present below:

As if this incredible gift from fans wasn’t enough, Jessica was also moved to tears after receiving a birthday message from her sister, Krystal.

Source: Adage