Ji Chang Wook Reveals His True Personality While Filming On Camera — And It’s Definitely Not What You’d Think

His true personality is definitely opposite of his “actor image”!

Actor Ji Chang Wook has become a popular household name in Korea ever since he stole the hearts of viewers everywhere with his action-star vibes as a cool spy in Healer.

He continued this trend by starring in another drama that made use of his handsome visuals and powerful vibes as a person of the law in Suspicious Partner.

And of course, who can forget Chang Wook’s role as Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona‘s partner in their drama, The K2? He was such a great action star in that production, too.

Because of all the dramas he has starred in, Ji Chang Wook managed to build an image as a cool and charming actor who’s a professional at shooting action scenes.

He’s been a spy, protector and a knight in shining armor for so many times now, after all.

But is he the same in real life as well?

It turns out that this may not be the case, because as you can see, Chang Wook is actually an adorable person in real life.

Look at him focusing on the balloon and holding his breath in anticipation to see whether the balloon will pop or not.

He was even extremely nervous in popping a balloon that he couldn’t manage himself to do it…

…even if he tried several times.

In the end, Ji Chang Wook gave up and used his aegyo to make his partner do the hard work for him — and it worked!

It’s so adorable to see him get flustered by a simple balloon, especially since he’s dodged several bullets and fought multiple bad guys in all his previous dramas.

Here’s another factor that may let you see Chang Wook in a different light: his new drama Backstreet Rookie is not an action-type show since he’ll be playing a bumbling convenience store manager — but it’s still worth watching because his chemistry with his co-star is well-liked by the fans! Find out the full details by reading the next article below:

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