Video of Ji Chang Wook Smoking Goes Viral for Being the Definition of Sexy

Many fans didn’t even know Ji Chang Wook smoked.

Ji Chang Wook recently updated fans with an Instastory, and fans were not expecting what they saw.

The video shows Ji Chang Wook smoking along with the caption, “It’s really cold and I can’t sleep, but I’m very happy.

It’s no surprise that Ji Chang Wook looked sexy in the video…

But what shocked fans was the fact that Ji Chang Wook looked sexy while smoking a cigarette (which is very bad for your health)…

What is this? Oh my gosh. How is he so sexy when he smokes?

– Fan

Why are you out in the cold? Now that you’ve reported that you’re alive, go back inside. I’m s ure you did. Anyway, I love seeing moving Ji Chang Wook.

– Fan



And some many fans didn’t know Ji Chang Wook smoked, to begin with.

Ji Chang Wook doesn’t seem like the type to smoke. Didn’t see that coming.

– Fan

I didn’t know Ji Chang Wook smoked…

– Fan


Whether Ji Chang Wook smokes or not is completely up to him…



And hopefully, him looking this good while smoking doesn’t encourage others to smoke…


But damn.

He’s sexy.

Source: The Qoo