Ji Suk Jin Gets Trolled Hard By Kim Jong Kook And Jeon So Min On Instagram

They got him good 😂

The love and respect between the Running Man cast can be felt through the screen, as they celebrate 11-years together as a variety program family. With such grand love, however, comes the same amount of savagery and the Running Man members know savagery like it’s the back of their hand. And the most recent example of this was shown through Ji Suk Jin‘s newest Instagram photos.

Comedian Ji Suk Jin.

In this first photo, Ji Suk Jin can be seen posing adorably with his hands crossed over his chest. With the stunning mountain background, the Running Man member gave the photo credit to Kim Jong Kook by captioning it, “This is Kim Jong Kook’s production.”

| @jeeseokjin/Instagram

However, Kim Jong Kook completely trolled Ji Suk Jin by exchanging in this hilarious back and forth with the veteran comedian,

Kim Jong Kook’s comment (top), Ji Suk Jin’s response (bottom) | @jeeseokjin/Instagram
Kim Jong Kook | SBS

That wasn’t the end of Ji Suk Jin’s trolling session as he posted another similar photo shortly after the first one. This time, the comedian gave the photo credit to Jeon So Min by captioning, “this one is So Min’s production.” 

| @jeeseokjin/Instagram

Poor Ji Suk Jin could not catch a break because Jeon So Min also trolled him by saying,

Jeon So Min’s comment (top), Ji Suk Jin’s response (bottom) | @jeeseokjin/Instagram
Jeon So Min.

Running Man fans loved the bickering of the three cast members and expressed their adoration for their seasoned back and forth.

| theqoo
  • “They’re so mischievous hahaha”
  • “Omg hahaha I love the Running Man members. The way they bicker is like breathing for them hahaha”
  • “Hahahaha”
  • “Omg seriously hahaha”
  • “It’s such lighthearted fun hahahaha”
  • “He received it (their jokes) so well.”
  • “This is so f*cking funny. It’s so great.”
Running Man members | @jeeseokjin/Instagram

The bond between the Running Man members will never fail to warm our hearts and bring us laughter! Be sure to catch Running Man every Sunday on SBS.

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