Jihyo’s JYP Entertainment Oppas Can’t Believe How Much She’s Grown Up

She will always be “Jisoo” to them.

TWICE‘s Jihyo has been part of the JYP Entertainment family for more than a dozen years, and her labelmates can’t believe how much she’s grown up.


Before Jihyo was Jihyo, she was a trainee under the name “Jisoo”. As a child, she won second place on Junior Naver, which led her to being scouted by JYP Entertainment in 2005.


Jihyo was only 8 years old when she started training, which means she spent most of her childhood and all of her teen years working toward her dreams.


From 2005 to 2015 Jihyo trained tirelessly to become the superstar idol she is today.


Jihyo made her debut as TWICE’s leader in 2015 after winning a spot in the company’s Mnet survival series, SIXTEEN.


2PM‘s Taecyeon and 2AM‘s Seulong still can’t believe that “Jisoo”, the little girl who used to run around the practice rooms, is now an adult.


This video of Jihyo was taken by Taecyeon during her trainee days. In it, she playfully throws a soccer ball at him then runs away!


In their Twitter conversation, Taecyeon and Seulong talked about Jihyo’s glow-up and her name change.

Taecyeon: Jung Jinwoon used an excuse to see Twice? ㅋㅋㅋ
Seulong: I saw it just nowㅋㅋㅋ Isn’t it obvious? Jisoo is totally grown up now, and even her expressions are that of an adultㅋㅋㅋㅋSo fascinating
Taecyeon: He told me they changed her name to Jihyoㅋㅋ Grandpas who are late on newsㅋㅋ


Even though Jihyo is grown up now…


…she will always be “Jisoo” to her oppas.

Seulong: She’s still Jisoo to mee, I also only learned about Shashasha now… I like it here so I came Shashasha~ I think that’s how you use it…


These three are still close friends who love to joke around about things from Jihyo’s trainee days, like the time she hit Taecyeon with her bag.


Fans love hearing these predebut Jihyo stories…


…almost as much as they love Jihyo!