Jihyo Trying Her Hardest Not To Laugh Is The Best Part About TWICE’s New “TDOONG Entertainment BEHIND” Video

Jihyo’s laugh (or lack thereof) is contagious.

In case you’ve been wondering how TWICE filmed a lot of the scenes for their “TDOONG Entertainment” series without laughing, the answer is: they didn’t. They just released a behind the scenes video filled with NGs (“no goods”, or outtakes) showing that even they had trouble keeping a straight face during their hilarious scenes.

The scene where Tzuyu trips and is immediately attended to by a cool and caring Jihyo went a lot differently in the behind.

Both Tzuyu and Jihyo burst into laughter during the first takes. Once it was time to get serious, Jihyo did her best, but…

If Jihyo tried any harder to hold in her laughter, she would’ve blown a gasket. In the end, they got the breathaking, heart shaking scene down.

“Ace and leader Assistant Manager” Jihyo also had trouble keep it together when “reviewing” Tzuyu’s powerpoint presentation, and we definitely had trouble keeping it together while watching.

Watch TWICE’s “TDOONG Entertainment” behind the scenes video below: