“Jimin Cappuccino” Inspired By BTS’s Jimin Arrives In Rome

A sweet drink for Jimin’s sweet personality!

It seems no one in the world is immune to BTS‘s Jimin‘s charms, as one café in Rome, Italy has turned him into a delicious cappuccino.

On November 16, YouTuber Reman shared a video of himself trying the drink on YouTube. Al Biscione Café—sometimes referred to as “BTS Café”—is the Italian shop behind the “Jimin Cappuccino”. They have described it as a “typical cappuccino made with espresso, warm milk, and specially added cream.”

| @al_biscione_cafe/Instagram

As you can see, it also appears to have a chocolate flavor. Reman described it as “…Dalgona coffee… As you can see there are cookies and marshmallows inside. There’s also cream.” It sounds like a fluffy but decadent coffee-infused hot chocolate! It also comes with a free Jimin photocard (and possibly a sticker or two!).

It appears this café often gives out photocards, as pictures of the cappuccino have also been seen with RM, Jungkook, and Suga photocards. The coffee costs €3,50 EUR ($4.15 USD) and seems to be here to stay.


Confirming his global popularity, the Jimin Cappuccino truly resembles Jimin’s sweet and comforting personality. Fans are eager to try it some day!