Jimin Thinks All The BTS Members Are Nice, Just That J-Hope Is Nicer

Jimin is the definition of hard work and dedication.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at BTS Jimin’s profile that he filled out during their “I NEED U” comeback. The members held an interview with The Star and each filled out a profile questionnaire in 2015. Jimin revealed what his favorite nickname is and what he wants to know from the fans as well as other fun facts!

Name: Park Jimin (My grandfather chose my name and it means to have wisdom that reaches the sky)

Blood Type: A

Family: Father, mother, younger brother

Birthday/sign: October 13, 1995/Libra

Conception Dream: My mother dreamed of a big tree that shining little peppers hanging off of it.

School: Heedong Elementary, Yoon San Middle, Busan Arts High, Korean Arts High, Global Cyber University

Personality: I’m very outgoing and like to move around a lot. I have a lot of desires and pride and don’t like to be bored.

Hobbies/skills: dancing, singing, games/dancing

Habit: Forgetfullness?

Motive for becoming a singer: I’ve been dancing since I was young and after I saw Rain’s performance on stage I wanted to stand on a big stage too.

Favorite Food: Meat (pig, cow, duck, chicken), any type of stew, snacks, desserts, rice, etc.

Confident cooking dish: Kimchi fried rice

Favorite Sports: soccer, basketball, badminton, anything that uses a ball, anything that uses a lot of the body

Favorite Movie: Tazza and and type of action movie

Things I Collect: I don’t collect anything in particular but would like to collect figures

Favorite Nickname: ChimChim? Tony gave me the nickname but fans also like the name

Close celebrity friend: I don’t have any yet

Celebrity I’d like to be close with: I want to be close with any celebrity

TV Program I’d like to appear on: “Running Man” because I like to run and the members don’t like to lose

Fashion style: I don’t have any particular style but I like to dress clean

Ideal Girl Type: I don’t think I have a set type anymore. I kind of have an idea of the type of face I like but I don’t know. A girls’ personality is number one.

3 Things on my Bucket List: travel, make a lot of money, be a good son to my parents

Life Motto: Laugh

Ranking of Nicest Member and Why: J-Hope>rest of the members. This is not to say that the other members aren’t nice, it’s just that J-Hope is exceptionally nice.

A question to ask the fans: What area would you like me to study more on?

What’s changed between then and now? He for sure has many more friends in the industry and has crossed off all the things from his bucket list! His question to fans still rings true today in that he is always finding ways to upgrade and become better in his craft for his fans.