BTS’s Jin Is Reeling Lee Hyun Back Into His Fishing Squad

He’s not about to throw this “big fish” back!

BTS‘s Jin has recruited a new member in mind for his fishing squad!


In his free time, Jin loves to go fishing, and he often brings friends with him. After the LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF tour ended last year, Jin and Suga went on a fishing trip together during their vacation.



B1A4‘s Sandeul and BTS’s Big Hit Entertainment senior, Lee Hyun, are also members of Jin’s fishing squad.



On February 3, Jin reached out to Lee Hyun, saying, “Hyung-nim, come to the US to go fishing.”


Traveling across the world for Jin? Why no! Lee Hyun wrote back, with aegyo, “(Let’s do something besides fishing) Hahaha fishing sounds great!! Wait just a while, I’ll go in a taxi..Haha..Haha..”


It’s been a while since Lee Hyun and Jin went fishing together, but joining Jin’s fishing squad is like joining BTS’s fandom; once you’re in, you’re never leaving!