BTS Jin Once Confessed He Loves This Girl Group Member On Live TV

“Yes. I love you very much too!”

For Sunny’s birthday on May 15, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany sent her a touching message on Inkigayo.


She wished her a happy birthday and sent her some kisses!

“Today is Sunny’s birthday and I’m so happy to be able to congratulate her during a broadcast. Happy Birthday, Sunny!” ㅡ Tiffany


BTS’s Jin, who was on the show as a guest MC also chimed in to show his affection for the SM Entertainment singer.


Instead of wishing her a happy birthday, however, the singer actually said he loves her!

“Yes. I love you very much too!” ㅡ Jin

They moved through the moment and into the show, but the confession remains one of the sweetest Jin slips to date!