Jin Randomly Asked Jimin And Jungkook If They Are “Together”

Nobody was expecting “MC Jin” to ask this out of nowhere.

Jin always speaks his mind, but his members aren’t always prepared for what comes out of his mouth.

This was the case on Run BTS!. During Episode 77, the members played games, including a palm pushing game. When MC Jin mediated a match between Jimin and Jungkook, he just couldn’t resist making commentary.

These competitors were silly from beginning to end. As Jin counted down, Jimin playfully shoved Jungkook’s chest then puffed out his own.

RM urged them to get on with it, while Jin reminded them that this wasn’t a “try not to laugh” challenge.

Jimin cutely asked Jungkook if he was ready, and as soon as the game started they both began giggling again.


Suddenly, MC Jin stepped in and asked, “are you two together?”, making everyone laugh.

Since it’s impossible for Jimin to laugh while staying still, he ended up leaving his spot and forfeiting the game!

Leave it to Jin to make the show 10x more entertaining!