Jinjin Reveals How ASTRO Fought To Release Past Title Track “Confession”

It wouldn’t have become a fan-favorite without them pushing for its release.

Out of the many idol guests appearing on Eric Nam‘s podcast K-Pop Daebak, ASTRO‘s Jinjin was the latest to visit the studio. He opened up about how of the group’s most popular tracks almost hadn’t been released.

Jinjin mentioned that ASTRO’s third mini-album originally had a completely different title track than the one Arohas are familiar with. “While we were preparing ‘Autumn Story,’ the original title song was something else.

Fantagio already had a track picked out for the group. “The title song was not ‘Confession’ before but a different song that our company gave us.” ASTRO hadn’t been fans of the song at all.

Rather than do whatever the company planned, Jinjin shared how much the group couldn’t bear to go forward with it and spoke their mind. “However, we told our company that we just could not sing that song.

In the politest way they could, ASTRO asked the company for another title track that would truly fit their color. “‘Please, a different song.’

Because they rarely had such a request before, it worked in their favor. “Especially since we never really asked anything of the company before.

Jinjin revealed that’s how they received the track that’s become an iconic fan-favorite. “That’s how we made a comeback with ‘Confession’.” Fortunately, it opened a new path, one where the group now chooses which tracks they want for their albums.

| fantagio 판타지오/YouTube

See Jinjin speak up about putting their foot down to fight for a title track that would become one of their most well-known ones.