Netizens Can’t Get Over How Cute BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was When She Was Stressed Out About Stickers

We’ll take a hundred.

The girls of BLACKPINK took to Twitter‘s Blueroom for a live session to talk to fans about their comeback with “How You Like That”, which by the way, is a roaring success. The girls were tasked to decorate their album covers with a whole bunch of adorable stickers, and Jisoo‘s reaction to her members’ works of art was insanely cute.

First, let’s take a look at her own handiwork! She lined up all her hearts in neat rows and even made sure to include the BLACKPINK special hashflags and blue bird Twitter icons. She also cutely wrote out her nickname, “chichu” using foil stickers.

However, as the other members presented their works, her expression began to waver as she worried how hers looked like compared to theirs.

Even as she was deep in worry about her own album, she made sure to tell Rosé that her work was absolutely flawless. We love a supportive queen!

As Rosé was wrapping up her explanation, Jisoo couldn’t help but go back to worrying about her own sticker decoration as she was up next. Her pout is the single most adorable thing on the planet.

It looks like we aren’t the only ones taken with her charms! Korean netizens were falling all over themselves, going crazy at her natural aegyo.

International Blinks seemed to agree that Jisoo’s artwork is top-tier.

The session ended in cheerful laughter and jokes as the girls bonded over their artwork. Da Vinci, who?

Decorating various items including handphones, laptops, polaroids and diaries are a trending hobby in South Korea currently, especially amongst K-pop fans. We’re glad that BLACKPINK enjoyed a little downtime even if the session was part of an official schedule! Catch the full clip below.

Source: theqoo