Jo Kwon Gets Noticed While Walking In High Heels With His Dogs

A cyclist passing by seemed to be interested in him.

2AM‘s Jo Kwon was recently featured on MBC‘s The Manager, where he showed viewers an unusual scene.

The singer went for a walk with his dogs while donning sparkly high heels. He revealed that his schedule often involves him wearing heels, so in order to adjust to the feeling of wearing them, he regularly goes for walks in heels as a form of training.

During his walk, a man passing by on his bicycle noticed Jo Kwon and couldn’t seem to tear his eyes from him.

He stopped next to Jo Kwon and proceeded to ask him about the breed of his dogs. Somewhat bewildered by the unexpected question, he responded that the dogs are Italian Greyhounds.

The man complimented the pretty dogs, and asked, “You’re a celebrity, right?” with a slight chuckle and went on his way.

In addition, Jo Kwon could also be seen stretching and even jogging with his dogs, impressing viewers with his relaxed posture in spite of exercising in high heels.

You can watch the unexpectedly funny interaction in the clip below!

Source: YouTube
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