2AM’s Jo Kwon Defends His Gel Manicure and Explains Why He Got It Done

He was recently seen with a blue manicure shortly after his discharge from the military.

2AM‘s Jo Kwon recently took to his Instagram to defend the gel manicure he got shortly after his discharge from the military.

Five days prior to his explanation, Jo Kwon received much attention for flaunting his blue nails in a photo after voting in the election of the National Assembly.

The photo showed his ring finger and pinky to have a blue manicure, which also matched his outfit of the day.

As soon as his nails stirred up a lot of controversies online, Jo Kwon clarified why he got it done.

My nails are a hot topic these days…

After coming out of the military, I couldn’t go on a vacation, so I needed to do something new to refresh my mood.

So even though I have short hair, I colored it, and even tried gel nails for the first time.

Since it was my first time, I picked a color that wouldn’t stand out so much. But people started asking me if I hit my hand against a door, so they’re now known as bruised nails… But I really liked trying it. It’s almost been a month now. So I’m thinking about the next color. Who says I’m not allowed to get manicures?

All I can say is- Take ‘Kwon’ or leave it.

– Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon was recently discharged from the military on March 24, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether some people have a problem with Jo Kwon’s nails or not, what no one can deny is the fact that he’s totally owning it.

You do you, Jo Kwon!

Can’t wait to see what color he picks next.

Source: Dispatch