Jo kwon Thanks BTS’s J-Hope For Supporting 2AM’s New Album

We love to see wholesome content like this!

Recently, BTS’s J-Hope posted a message to the fan community platform Weverse and supported K-pop ballad group 2AM‘s new album release. He posted a photo of their new song, “I Can’t” and responded with a smiley face and a purple heart.

| BTS/Weverse

Seeing this message, Jo Kwon took to Twitter to thank J-Hope for his support!

Thank you! I’m touched that you contacted me and told me that your heart fluttered after listening to the album late at night.

— Jo Kwon 

J-Hope and Jo Kwon’s friendship goes way back to J-Hope’s pre-debut days. J-Hope featured on Jo Kwon’s “Animal” in 2012, which also then became his first KOMCA writing credit.