Jo Yuri’s Past TikTok Predicted The Future… Kind Of!

“She manifested it since…”

Jo Yuri‘s rise to fame as a member of the beloved K-Pop group IZ*ONE was meteoric, to say the least, and her solo career has been equally as impressive. But it appears that Jo Yuri might have been destined for something beyond the realm of music — she might be a future predictor or even a modern-day oracle. Well, at least according to some eagle-eyed fans.

Jo Yuri | @zo__glasss/Instagram

Ever since whispers started circulating about Jo Yuri being cast in the much-anticipated second season of the worldwide sensation Squid Game, fans have been scrambling to unearth clues. As it turns out, the answer may have been hidden in plain sight on a TikTok video Jo Yuri posted back in October 2021.

In the TikTok, Yuri and her former IZ*ONE bandmate, Minju, are seen playfully dancing and promoting Yuri’s latest single at the time, “GLASSY.” At first glance, it seems like a typical fun, promotional TikTok. But fans have pointed out some interesting coincidences that now seem eerily prophetic.

Firstly, in the TikTok, Minju is dressed in the notorious green tracksuit made famous by Squid Game. The outfit was a playful pop culture nod at the time, but with the recent rumors about Yuri joining the Squid Game cast, it’s taken on a new meaning.

Minju wearing the “Squid Game” tracksuit. | @minn.__.ju/Instagram

Furthermore, in the same video, Yuri and Minju are seen dancing to the choreography of Yuri’s latest song. Now, Minju has just dropped a dance cover where she’s practicing tutting – a highly technical form of dance involving intricate movements of the hands and fingers. Her cover has already become a huge hit with fans, who are swooning over her incredible skills.

This strange series of coincidences has K-Pop stans in a frenzy, speculating whether the TikTok was an unintentional prophecy or a masterful prediction of what was to come. Of course, we can’t ignore the possibility that this is all just an extraordinary string of coincidences. Either way, the discussion has made this old TikTok a hot topic again, showing that the charm of K-Pop stars extends well beyond their music.

As we eagerly await a possible official confirmation regarding Jo Yuri’s casting in Squid Game 2, one thing is clear: The multi-talented K-Pop star knows how to keep fans on their toes, whether it’s with her music, her acting, or even her apparent fortune-telling abilities!

For now, all we can do is wait and see if these predictions become reality. Whether Jo Yuri ends up in the mega-hit of a show or not, it’s clear that she has a knack for keeping fans intrigued. And isn’t that the true magic of being a star? In the meantime, we’ll be keeping this TikTok on a loop, hoping for more hidden predictions of the future.