Jo Yuri’s Response To People Not Recognizing Her In Public Shows Her True Personality

The idol answers strangers’ burning questions in a fun street interview.

Talented solo artist and actress Jo Yuri found her way into the hearts of fans worldwide when she participated in Produce 48 and later debuted with the popular group IZ*ONE.

After IZ*ONE disbanded at the end of their contract in 2021, many were thrilled to hear that Jo Yuri would be making her solo debut that same year, and she has made two comebacks since.

Jo Yuri | @zo__glasss/Instagram

To celebrate the promotions for her latest single, “TAXI,” Jo Yuri joined popular YouTuber Jay (JAYKEEOUT) for a fun street interview, where the talented soloist answered the public’s burning questions about K-Pop idols.

During the interview, random passersby were given the opportunity to ask Jo Yuri a question. A few asked about the off-screen lives of idols, including where she hangs out, how idols meet, and how they become friends.

One person asked the idol if she’s ever recognized on the street, and she had an unexpected answer.

The current soloist and former IZ*ONE member revealed that she’s not often recognized when she’s out in public.

When the same person asked if she was ever bothered by that, her thoughtful reply proved her sweet personality.

Instead of taking it personally, Jo Yuri acknowledged that people lead busy lives and don’t always have time to be “interested” in others.

She sympathized, saying,

Koreans are too busy and they aren’t that interested in other people, so I don’t feel bad or upset… ‘Life’s tough,’ is what I’d say.

— Jo Yuri

Jo Yuri likely won’t be able to lay low in public for long, as earlier this year, it was confirmed she would be joining the cast of the highly-anticipated 2nd season of Squid Game.

Check out more on how she may have predicted her upcoming role in the article below!

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