John Cena Showed Off His Impressive Korean Abilities In An Interview About BTS

He talked about BTS, his ARMY status and his favorite member.

Wrestler and Hollywood actor John Cena sat down for an interview in Korea to promote his movie Bumblebee. There, he opened up about his status as a famous ARMY and his favorite BTS member!

He first talked about his friendship with the BTS members as he revealed that he is a big fan.

I was very taken aback when BTS was asked a question about me, and they actually answered so I wanted to return the favor.

— John Cena

He was referring to the time when BTS was asked about John Cena, and Jimin answered back with a question. “John Cena, are you an ARMY?

John Cena responded back with his famous Tweet, where he admitted in Korean that he was definitely an ARMY!

The interviewer corrected John Cena’s Korean, claiming that his previous statement “Naneun gundae da. (I am army.)” was incorrect. She clarified that although “army” translates to “gundae” in Korean, BTS fans are just called “ARMY (ah-mi)” in Korea.

John Cena then impressed both the interviewer and the audience by quickly correcting himself by saying “Naneun ARMY da“!

He also confessed that he’s still a fan of J-Hope out of all of the members!

As expected of a devoted fan, John Cena continues to amaze everyone with his love for BTS! He even chose BTS’s track “Fire” for the soundtrack of his movie Playing With Fire. Even recently, he mentioned he would frequently listen to BTS while filming for Suicide Squad.