Jo Kwon Shows Off The High Heels Veteran Actress Kim Hye Soo Gifted Him With

His collection is amazing!

Veteran actress Kim Hye Soo is well-loved in South Korea for her affable personality and talent. Many respectfully call her the nation’s unnie or noona.

Singer and celebrity personality Jo Kwon has the privilege of being her actual close friend though! As Jo Kwon was cleaning his precious collection of high heels one day…

…his manager arrived with a huge box that just got delivered.

After checking, he realized that it had been sent to him by Kim Hye Soo!

Jo Kwon revealed that the two were pretty close. Kim Hye Soo even attended his musical and gifted him other shoes back then.

This time, Kim Hye Soo had blessed Jo Kwon with not one, but four pairs of high heels! All of them were unique and gorgeous.

Unsurprising, as she herself is well-known to be a lover of high heels.

Jo Kwon was extremely happy with the haul! He even did a little celebratory twerk.

Catch the full clip below.