Joo Won Offers Details Regarding His Military Enlistment

Joo Won is reportedly due to enlist in the mandatory military service before May of this year and his agency has released an official statement in regards to when he will be enlisting.

A representative from Joo Won’s agency Huayi Brothers released an official response regarding Joo Won’s enlistment period, explaining that it has not yet been confirmed. Furthermore, the representative also responded to one media outlet’s reports that he will not be attending the production presentation of his new drama series My Sassy Girl due to his upcoming military enlistment in May 2017.

“Joo Won’s military enlistment period has not yet been decided. In particular, filming for My Sassy Girl has not yet been wrapped up, so it is too early to announce whether he will be able to attend the production presentation.”

My Sassy Girl is a historical drama series that will cover themes of romance during the Chosun Dynasty through an entertaining and uplifting storyline. The series is set to air in May 2017, causing many fans to speculate that Joo Won will be enlisting in the military once he finishes filming for the series.

Joo Won was also recently revealed to have started dating solo singer BoA since late 2016. Fans are also curious as to how the two will continue their relationship after Joo Won leaves to enlist in the military.

Source: Xports News