A Contestant On jtbc’s “Sing Again” Got The “Idol Treatment” And Looks Completely Different

He was handsome before and after anyway!

Lee Seungyoon, a contestant on jtbc‘s Sing Again, has recently been gaining popularity for his handsome looks. Lee Seungyoon, who is 31 years old this year, has been active as a vocalist in an indie band since 2016. However, due to a lack of spotlight, he chose to come on the show.

When he first came on the show, he already made headlines for his handsome face.

However, fans noted that his unstyled hair and plain clothing may be hindering his full potential in terms of visuals!

As he ascended in rankings, he was eventually given a full styling from top to toe.

The team made him up like an idol, complete with smokey eyes and tousled hair.

| jtbc

Netizens noted that he looked incredibly similar to rapper Bang Yongguk, formerly of B.A.P!

We know who we’ll be looking out for when we next tune in! Sing Again is a reality survival show that gives singers a second chance at grabbing the spotlight.

Source: theqoo
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