JTBC’s New Weekend Series Poster Drops… And K-Drama Fans Can’t Handle The Excitement

“It already looks f*cking interesting.”

Following JTBC‘s mega hit series Sky CastleItaewon Class, and The World of The Married, the new upcoming weekend K-Drama Elegant Friends (though the exact English title is TBD) dropped its teaser poster.

This “mysterious drama” — as hinted by the dark poster that reads “The past, the secrets, and the present” — will capture the chaos that unfolds amongst a group of friends who have known each other for two decades, when a mutual friend passes away.

Co-starring some of Korea’s most talented actors and actresses, Elegant Friends is set to premiere July 10, 2020. Here’s everything we know about the characters so far:

Actor Yoo Joon Sang

Actor Yoo Joon Sang will play the role of a “Sweet yes-man husband who also wins at his job as an ambitious and able manager.”

Actress Song Yoon Ah

Actress Song Yoon Ah will play the role of a “Perfectionist psychiatrist with a thick shell — who, deep inside, only wants to be loved.

Actor Bae Soo Bin

Actor Bae Soo Bin will play the role of a “Mysterious divorcé.

Actress Han Eun Jung

Actress Han Eun Jung (also known as Han Da Gam now) will play the role of an “Everyone’s first-crush-ever, who returns after two decades being M.I.A.

Actor Kim Sung Oh

Actor Kim Sung Oh will play the role of an “Adult entertainment film producer, married to Kim Hye Eun.”

Actress Kim Hye Eun

Actress Kim Hye Eun will play the role of a “Tough nut, married to the childish Kim Sung Oh.”

Actor Jung Seok Yong

Actor Jung Seok Yong will play the role of an “Overly optimistic insurance salesman, married to Lee In Hye.”

Actress Lee In Hye

Actress Lee In Hye will play the role of a “12 years younger wife of Jung Seok Yong.”

Actor Kim Won Hae

Actor Kim Won Hae will play the role of an “Indecisive government employee who is a goody-two-shoes husband to Kim Ji Young.”

Actress Kim Ji Young

Actress Kim Ji Young will play the role of a “Housewife married to Kim Won Hae, showing symptoms of an early stage depression.

Elegant Friends actually began shooting in August 2019 and completed production by December. Because these 100% pre-produced K-Dramas come with unbeatable quality, K-Drama lovers can’t hide their excitement. The star-studded cast list and the curious poster have them screaming, “Another blockbuster is coming!

Source: THEQOO and NamuWiki