“Mark’s Brother?” Man Goes Viral For His Uncanny Resemblance To NCT’s Mark

Could it be a relative?

A video has gone viral due to a man’s resemblance to NCT and SuperM‘s Mark.

Mark | SM Entertainment

Media company Jubilee Media released a video titled “5 Gay Men vs 1 Secret Straight Guy.” It was highly requested for Jubilee to release a video where everyone was the “mole,” so this video featured six straight men pretending to be gay while believing only one was straight.

While this video is now 2 months old, a video clip recently went viral on TikTok as one of the contestants caught an NCTzen’s attention. OP (Original Poster) asked if the contestant, Ricky, sounded like Mark.


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The video went viral with 548.5K views and 149.7K likes at the time of writing. NCTzens agreed that not only was Ricky and Mark’s voice and mannerisms similar, but they sort of resembled each other too! Some couldn’t help but wonder if this was Mark’s brother.

Do you agree?


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