Jung Chaeyeon Spotted Looking like Absolute Royalty Ahead of Her Reunion with I.O.I

That’s Jung Chaeyeon’s class for you.

A Reebok event recently took place at Yeongdeungpo, Times Square, in Seoul, and many idols attended the event including DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon.


What made Jung Chaeyeon particularly stand out was how elegant she looked in a simple white t-shirt, a jean skirt, and sneakers.

Despite the outfit being quite casual, the way she flaunted long straight hair along with the whole look gave her very pure and innocent vibes.

In addition to just her natural beauty, her pale skin reminded many fans of the princess, Snow White.

In awe of her beauty, fans responded with comments such as “That’s Jung Chaeyeon’s class right there“, “She really looks like a princess“, and “Her skin is so pale“.

Jung Chaeyeon is set to make a comeback with I.O.I this coming December.

Source: Insight