Jung Da Bin’s Real-Life Friends Didn’t Like The Way “Extracurricular” Changed Her Personality

Jung Da Bin confessed that she was scolded by her real-life friends after the drama.

On the most recent episode of SBS‘s Access Showbiz Tonight, actress Jung Da Bin from the very popular Netflix drama, Extracurricular shared how the drama changed her in a way that her friends didn’t approve of.

During the interview, Jung Da Bin confessed that she played a character in Extracurricular who was very different from her.

I felt pressured because she was a completely different person from me. But I attempted it with the mindset that I should enjoy it since when else would I get such an opportunity?

– Jung Da Bin

In the drama, Jung Da Bin played a “problematic” high school student who resorted to the field of prostitution for money and ended up paying the price for her wrongful decision.

The role was so different from her real-life personality that Jung Da Bin revealed what her real-life friends had a problem with after the drama.

After that, I pretty much swore all the time. Later, my friends even scolded me telling me to stop cursing so much.

– Jung Da Bin

In contrast to Jung Da Bin’s youthful and innocent face, she portrayed the smoking scenes so accurately that she even received praise from viewers.

So the news of how the drama changed one of her tendencies have fans responding with comments such as “I was shocked by how good she was at cursing“, “I love her unexpected charms“, and “She was so convincing that I thought she was like that in real life“.

Extracurricular is currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Insight