Unknown Actor Speaks up About How Jung Hae In Treated Him After Becoming Famous

Jung Hae In and Eun Jong Geon first met in 2015 for the film, “The Age of Blood”.

On a recent episode of Jung Hae In’s Walking Report, an unknown actor of 15 years named Eun Jong Geon talked about how Jung Hae In treated him after his career took off.

While the two actors talked about their experience in New York, Jung Hae In expressed that he remembered every single thing he did in New York vividly while Eun Jong Geon picked the musical restaurant as his favorite memory.

And when he was asked the reason, he went on to explain why by also mentioning Jung Hae In’s name.

I also wanted to perform and be a great actor, but it didn’t turn out that way for me. I was lacking in a lot of ways, so I just lived my life quietly. But Hae In always treated me as if I was a fellow star.

– Eun Jong Geon

He then went on to describe how Jung Hae In made him feel better at the music restaurant with just one question.

I was thinking about how much I wanted to be one of the actors on stage, but Hae In was looking at me. When Hae In asked, ‘Hyung, isn’t this show great?’ I felt like I was also a person standing on top of the stage.

– Eun Jong Geon

Eun Jong Geon showed tears as he expressed his gratitude to Jung Hae In for treating him like a top star after Jung Hae In became famous and Eun Jong Geon didn’t.

Jung Hae In and Eun Jong Geon first met in 2015 for the film, The Age of Blood.

Although Jung Hae In had a big part and Eun Jong Geon had a small part, Jung Hae In always respected him as a fellow actor.

Last year on MBC’s Funding Together, Jung Hae In mentioned Eun Jong Geon as he described his career.

Me and my close Hyung have been fighting it out for 15 years now. But I don’t tell him to cheer up and work hard because he already is. I think it’s just better that I’m there for him.

– Jung Hae In

Source: Insight