An “Indian Healer” Predicts When Jung Hae In Will Get Married

The healer also predicted how the marriage will change his life.

In the upcoming episode of Jung Hae In’s Walking Report, Jung Hae In travels to New York with his best friends where he runs into an “Indian healer” in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


Jung Hae In was in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the first day of his New York trip when an Indian tourist showed particular interest in him.


The leader asked Jung Hae In about his relationship status and then predicted that he will get married next year.

Following the surprising reveal, the healer continued to predict what the marriage would do to his life.

You will succeed greatly after you get married. That woman will play the most important role in your life. You will get married next year.

– Indian Healer

But in order to confirm if this is true or not, both Jung Hae In and fans will have to wait until 2020!

Source: Dispatch
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