The Hilarious Difference Between The Promotional Shots For Jung Hae In And His “D.P” Co-Stars

Here’s the reason behind it.

Netflix‘s recent drama, D.P, is taking off with high viewership globally. The promotional team sent a box of merch to each of the appearing actors to celebrate the launch. However, netizens spotted a hilarious difference between the reactions of Jung Hae In and the other cast.

Firstly, it is important to note that out of the three cast members mentioned, Jung Hae In is the only one that has gone through the army. The other two have yet to enlist. In South Korea, it is widely known that the army experience is one you would not want to go through again.

Unfortunately, in the merch they received, included was an enlistment letter mock-up.

Jung Hae In hilariously captioned it with, “Did I hear wrong?” Netizens noted that his promotional shot was taken rather perfunctorily, as if he was not amused by the idea of heading back to the army.

On the other hand, the photographs from his co-stars looked very happy in comparison. Check out Shin Seung Ho‘s!

U-KISSJun also looks rather happy with his merch.

Netizens are calling it the difference between those that have been to the army, and those that have not.

  • “Jung Hae In isn’t swearing with his eyes, right?? kkk”
  • “Why would they give them such merch…”
  • “kkkkkkkk”
  • “Jung Hae In is swearing using his eyes kkk”
  • “Jung Hae In kkkk His gaze looks rather cold.”
| theqoo

Well, we wouldn’t want to be reminded of the army if we were him!

Source: theqoo