Jung Ho Yeon And Lee Yoo Mi Couldn’t Stop Crying While Filming This Heartbreaking “Squid Game” Scene

This episode was emotional for everyone involved.

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A new behind-the-scenes video from Netflix’s Squid Game showed Jung Ho Yeon (Sae Byeok) and Lee Yoo Mi (Ji Young) filming one of the most emotional moments in the entire series.

Lee Yoo Mi (left) and Jung Ho Yeon (right). | @leeyoum262/Instagram

In this Episode 6 scene, Ji Young’s character sacrifices her life in order to let Sae Byeok move forward in the game. As creator Hwang Dong Hyuk said, these two characters are meant to contrast with the brutal violence of the game; they form a close bond in a short period of time — close enough that Ji Young would willingly give up her life for Sae Byeok.

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Thousands of viewers burst into tears during this moment, and even the actors themselves were overwhelmed with emotion while filming. The fact that the Jung and Lee are close friends in real life now must have only made it even more emotional.

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As soon as the directors called “Cut,” both actors let out their tears. Jung even walked away in order to compose herself again.

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The makeup artists had to take time in between takes to wipe away the tears off Jung Ho Yeon’s face, while she also took time to collect herself before resuming filming.

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In one moment, Sae Byeok lashes out at Ji Young for giving up the game for her sake. But once the director called “Cut,” Jung Ho Yeon couldn’t do anything but rest her forehead on Lee Yoo Mi’s shoulder while crying.

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Her professionalism shined when she quickly calmed herself down and asked to film it one more time.

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Check out the full video below for more behind-the-scenes content from Squid Game!

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