The Kid From Award-winning Film Parasite Has Grown So Much He’s Unrecognizable

“Jessica, only child, Illinois, Chicago…”

If you’ve watched the 2019 South Korean black comedy social thriller film that spawned the iconic “Jessica Jingle“, you’ll know that Jessica tutors a little boy, Park Da Song, in arts. Although he did not have much lines due to the characteristics of his role, the precocious actor made waves with his cute looks and ability to convey the emotions of a troubled yet naive child well.

Korea Finance snaps a shot of the happy cast during a press tour.

The actor, who’s real name is Jung Hyun Joon, is only 9 years old this year. Despite the short time between the film and now, he has spurted up unbelievably. Take a look at the photos from his Instagram page as run by his parents.

At a young age, he’s already exuding such handsome vibes – it is no wonder he chose the path of an actor or celebrity!

Just a casual day out for the 9 year old, but a photoshoot pictorial for us! 

He could be a CF model for National Geographic’s kids t-shirts!

 He actually reminds us a little bit of actor Jung Hae In

Did you know he was also in “The King: Eternal Monarch“, as Lee Min Ho‘s character’s younger counterpart? The two snapped a shot together on set!

Online communities have been abuzz with the young star’s changing looks, as the comments praise him for his change in vibes and his maturing face. They can’t believe that the baby Da Song has grown so much in such a short time!

On the other hand, “Parasite” had premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival where it became the first South Korean film to win the Palme d’OrIt grossed over $266 million worldwide on a production budget of about $11 million, becoming the highest-grossing South Korean film.

Source: Daum Cafe