Producers of “Salty Tour” Used CG to Edit out Jung Joon Young Completely in Most Recent Episode

In the previous episodes, they simply covered Jung Joon Young with captions and effects.

The most recent episode of tvN’s Salty Tour aired on the 6th, and it showed EXID‘s Hani as well as the other members of the show embark on a delicious adventure.

In this episode, only Park Myung Soo, Heo Kyung Hwan, Yoo Min Sang, Moon Sae Yoon, and Hani were seen enjoying their trip despite Jung Joon Young having been filmed with them as well.

Following the reports of Jung Joon Young’s charges for filming and sharing illegal videos in a chatroom, the producers of Salty Tour quickly edited the upcoming episodes to hide Jung Joon Young.

In the beginning, the producers previously covered Jung Joon Young with big captions and sound effects, but in the most recent episode, they proved to have improved their editing skills by eliminating Jung Joon Young completely using computer graphics.

The screenshots of the most recent episode show empty seats or empty spaces next to the other members as if he was never there at all.

Seeing how the producers’ editing skills are continuously improving,  it’s evident that they’re making a lot of effort to make sure that the other cast of the show as well as the show itself won’t be negatively affected due to Jung Joon Young’s crimes.

Source: Insight
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