Here’s Why Jung Joon Young Was Cleared of His Previous Sex Scandal Back in 2016

Jung Joon Young was accused of filming his ex-girlfriend without her permission back in 2016.

SBS’s 8 O’Clock News recently reported Jung Joon Young‘s past sex scandal and the reason why he was acquitted.

According to the report, Jung Joon Young was suspected of taking a naked photo of a woman without her permission back in 2016. The police failed, however, to find the video on his phone which led to his acquittal.

The police said that when they asked him to hand over the phone, he said he lost it, so there was nothing they could do. According to the police officer who investigated Jung Joon Young at the time, when it was later found out that he had not lost his phone, Jung Joon Young claimed that it was broken and insisted on restoring it himself.

Since the police thought the restoration would take a long time, they forwarded the case to the prosecutor’s office. The police officer explained that they had to forward it as soon as possible since he was a celebrity.

An expert shared their opinion on the matter by stating that according to the procedures, they should have confiscated the phone right away and that the fact that they didn’t demonstrates indolence.

Source: Insight