Jungkook Reveals His Dream To Collaborate With This World-Famous Singer

Jungkook revealed if he could collaborate with any artist in the world, he would pick Justin Bieber.

In an interview with AXS, BTS were asked who they’d like to record a duet with outside of their own genre of music. The group’s maknae Jungkook was quick to share that if he could, he’d like to work with the world-famous Justin Bieber.

He even shared that his desire to work with Justin is the reason that he’s got to study English! That’s certainly one way to motivate yourself!

AXS: If you were to record a duet with an artist outside the genre of music for which you are known, who might that be and which song would you cover?

Jungkook: Justin Bieber. That’s why I’ve got to study English!

It’s no secret that Jungkook is quite a big fan of Justin Bieber. Jungkook has gained a lot of attention for his English song covers recently, even recieving praise by international artist Charlie Puth on his cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” However, amongst his most popular covers are some of Bieber’s hit songs, such as “Purpose” and “Nothing Like Us”. He even sang “Boyfriend” once on a live broadcast!