Jungkook Versus V—The Real Record-holder For The Shortest Livestream By BTS

Who beat whose record?

Regarding communication with fans, BTS members have always been on top of the game with frequent social media updates and Weverse livestreams. Off late, two of the members have been arguably the most active with live broadcasts, and they are and Jungkook.

BTS’s Jungkook and V | @thv/Instagram

Though both of them frequently keep in touch with fans, their livestreams couldn’t be more different. On the one hand, Jungkook has built a reputation for hosting broadcasts that are unpredictably long and random. Once the BTS maknae discovered that he could go live whenever he wanted without his label’s permission, there was no turning back. He usually turns on the livestreams late at night, and so far, he has done karaoke parties, alcohol reviews, a Netflix-and-mukbang session, and live workout sessions while broadcasting.

He even once fell asleep in the middle of a late-night live, and the stream had to be turned off remotely by a Weverse tech!

On the other end of the spectrum is V, the master of short and straightforward live broadcasts. In the past few months, he has gone live at least eight times, most of those streams lasting less than ten minutes. His longest Weverse live lately has been half an hour long when he greeted fans while visiting Paris.

V’s longest Weverse live in the past few months versus one of Jungkook’s shorter lives | Weverse

V also turns on the livestreams spontaneously, sometimes while traveling in his car and other times from his home or hotel rooms. Recently, he went live after minutes of landing in South Korea from Paris, and fans were touched that he wanted to communicate with them despite just getting off a long-haul flight.

So, in the past few months, it has been established among ARMYs that when Jungkook comes live, it is supposed to be at least an hour-long affair, while when V is live, you might join in just two minutes late and miss the stream. But recently, this equation got turned over when Jungkook hosted a surprise Weverse live on June 5, KST, with SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu by his side. The two ’97-liners were hanging out at Jungkook’s house, and Mingyu was visibly shocked that he turned on the livestream at 4 am.

The livestream, however, only lasted for a minute and 54 seconds. ARMYs were convinced this was the shortest broadcast ever hosted by a BTS member, defeating V’s shortest two-minute Weverse live.

| Weverse

But in reality, V still holds that record, thanks to a chaotic livestream from years ago. In November 2016, V went live through V LIVE, the live-streaming app owned by Naver that later got acquired by HYBE. He had only turned on the stream to show fans his impression of the characters from the cartoon series Pingu. V came, shared his offerings, and left—all in 56 seconds!

Thanks to this spontaneous bout of younger V, he still remains the undefeated king of the shortest livestream ever hosted by BTS!