Jun Jin’s Wife Sees Shinhwa’s Legendary Semi-Nude Photobook For The First Time

Her reaction was priceless.

1st generation boy group, Shinhwa, once launched a semi-nude photobook that took the entertainment industry by storm. It was the first and last time a famous idol group ever participated in such a project.

One of the Shinhwa members, Jun Jin, recently got married to former air-stewardess, Ryu Yi Seo. She saw the photobook for the first time when she was looking through their walk-in closet.

Despite their long relationship, this was the first time she had come across the item.

Obviously, she was surprised at the amount of skin they were showing!

Shock was written all over her face as she flipped through the book.

Jun Jin appeared a little embarrassed. Shinhwa had really gone all out!

He even showed a little jealousy when she looked at the other members. She quickly reassured him that she was only looking at him.

The one photo that caught her eye?

The Tarzan themed shoot!

The semi-nude photobook was a limited edition item that sold out almost as soon as it was released.

A second press had been ordered after the initial 15,000 copies sold out. The second edition also sold out soon and the item is now a rare collector’s piece!

Will we ever see such a photobook in this generation of idols? Catch the funny moment below.