Just How “Spicy” Will It Be? “The Glory” Part 2 Will Be 51 Minutes Longer Than The First Season

“Part 2 will have soda and mala flavors.”

The Glory, a Netflix original K-Drama written by Kim Eun Sook and starring Song Hye Kyo, was a huge success, and everybody is buzzing with excitement for the second season, which will be released on March 10.

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The Korea Media Rating Board classified part 2 as not suitable for teenagers. The board stated, “The show contains the union and punishment of victims of abuse and the downfall of the attackers, and it continuously depicts smoking, use of drugs, sexual expression, and abusive language repeatedly.”

Part 1 of The Glory, released on December 30 of last year, received the same rating after being judged inappropriate for teenagers in terms of violence, drugs, and the risk of imitation.

In addition, according to the board, part two will be almost an hour longer than part 1. Part 1 consisted of eight episodes and was 384 minutes and 7 seconds. However, the eight episodes of part 2 will total 435 minutes and 14 minutes—an increase of about 51 minutes.

The Glory is about a woman who was heavily bullied in her childhood and who carefully prepares her whole life to get revenge on her attackers. With the many mysteries left unsolved in part 1, there is much to unravel in part 2. For example, the disappearance of Son Myeong Oh will be explained, and a police investigation will start to rock Park Yeon Jin and her perpetrator group of friends.

Also, the trailer for part 2 reveals Park Yeon Jin showing no remorse toward Moon Dong Eun, which means there is a lot of drama and intense moments to come in the second season.

The stories of Kang Hyun Nam, a victim of domestic violence who works as an “assistant” for Moon Dong Eun, and Joo Yeo Jung, the “sword dancer” and love interest of Moon Dong Eun, are also expected to be revealed. We will also find out what will happen to Park Yeon Jin’s husband, who finds out about his wife’s hidden past, and even the truth behind the death of Yoon So Hee, another victim of Park Yeon Jin’s group.

It’s no wonder part 2 is 51 minutes longer than the first season—there is so much to uncover.

According to the writer Kim Eun Sook, part 2 is expected to have “soda and mala flavors“—flavors that are refreshing and spicy respectively—and the audience can’t help but be excited to see how the story will end in The Glory part 2.

Watch the full trailer for part 2 here.

Source: Maeil Business Newspaper

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